What to Do When your Parcel Arrives Damaged?

When the parcel reaches the destination, don’t sign the delivery confirmation without hesitation. ‎If you sign for the item in ‘good condition’, you will not be able to process a claim. ‎Instead, check its condition in the presence of the courier driver. In case the parcel arrives damaged, ask the courier driver to file a damage report. …

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CIS market is now much more accessible

We are pleased to inform you that since Newsha set up its warehouse in Baku, Azerbaijan, from now on, you are able to place your orders destined to Azerbaijan, Belarus,Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. 1. Dispatching the orders from our warehouse in Baku, Azerbaijan, enables us to offer better shipment costs than …

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Common Name Ziziphora Scientific Name Ziziphora capitata L. History Ziziphora, called “Kahlik-outi” in Azerbaijan, Iran, can be found in mountainous and rugged areas. Apart from the mentioned province, it grows in Khorasan, Iran, too. This plant is an herbal medicine and aromatic spice which its dried and crashed leaves are used as flavor in Dough …



Common Name Vanilla Scientific Name Vanilla planifolia History Vanilla plant is native to south and center of American continent and Caribbean area. At the first time vanilla was used by Eastern coast of Mexico Totonacs (a group of Mexican Indians). Aztecs (Indian civilization Mexico) after overcoming Totonacs knew vanilla plant in 15 AD. Aztecs used …

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Common Name Baldrian, Cat’s Valerian, Valerian Scientific Name Valeriana officinalis L. History This plant is native to Europe and Asia and also part of east of North American. Valerian that is also called cat`s grass is available in humid areas with temperate climate and mostly in the forests and rivers side. The members of the …

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Common Name Thyme Scientific Name Thymus vulgaris L. History Thyme has been used as both food and medicine in ancient times. It was believed in Ancient Greek that Thymes is a source of power and courage (Thumus). The word “Thumus” in Greek means “courage”. It is told that Thymes was widespread in Europe thanks to …

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