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ziziphora plant


Common Name Ziziphora Scientific Name Ziziphora capitata L. History Ziziphora, called “Kahlik-outi” in Azerbaijan, Iran, can be found in mountainous and rugged areas. Apart from the mentioned province, it grows in Khorasan, Iran, too. This plant is an herbal medicine and aromatic spice which its dried and crashed leaves are used as flavor in Dough …




Common Name Vanilla Scientific Name Vanilla planifolia History Vanilla plant is native to south and center of American continent and Caribbean area. At the first time vanilla was used by Eastern coast of Mexico Totonacs (a group of Mexican Indians). Aztecs (Indian civilization Mexico) after overcoming Totonacs knew vanilla plant in 15 AD. Aztecs used …

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Common Name Baldrian, Cat’s Valerian, Valerian Scientific Name Valeriana officinalis L. History This plant is native to Europe and Asia and also part of east of North American. Valerian that is also called cat`s grass is available in humid areas with temperate climate and mostly in the forests and rivers side. The members of the …

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Common Name Thyme Scientific Name Thymus vulgaris L. History Thyme has been used as both food and medicine in ancient times. It was believed in Ancient Greek that Thymes is a source of power and courage (Thumus). The word “Thumus” in Greek means “courage”. It is told that Thymes was widespread in Europe thanks to …

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Common Name Quince Scientific Name Cydonia oblonga History The quince tree is native to Southwest Asia, especially Iran and Anatolia. The first quince trees grew up in the Caucasus foothills. The fruit called Golden Apples in ancient times, was shipped from the Middle East to the Mediterranean region, and from there to the West and …

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Common Name Strawberry Scientific Name Fragaria × ananassa History Strawberry with scientific name of Fragaria X ananassa is a species of mongrel and belongs to the genus of Fragaria. The date of this fruit backs to 2000 years ago. Today`s strawberry came about 200 years ago from cross-breeding between Virginiana or Scarlett strawberry as male …



Common Name Sour Cherry Scientific Name Prunus cerasus History Sour cherry with the scientific name of Prunus cerasus is specie of Prunus genus and is from rose family. This plant is native to the Caucasian mountains and it is possibly the birds took its seed to the other parts of the world including Europe. Some …



Common Name Saffron Scientific Name Crocus sativus History About 2300 BCE, saffron was cultivated and used in parts of the Eastern Mediterranean. This plant was first developed in areas with specific climatic conditions and then spread throughout the Eurasia region and eventually reached parts of North Africa, North America, and Oceania. Saffron was cultivated in …

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Common Name Rosemary Scientific Name Rosmarinus officinalis L. History Rosemary is a perennial aromatic plant with evergreen needle-shaped leaves. Its flowers are white, pink or blue. The leaves and flowered branches are its usable parts. Although, Rosemary is native to Mediterranean regions, at the present time, it grows in most of the temperate areas of …

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Common Name Raspberry Scientific Name Rubus fruticosus History Scientific name of raspberry is Rubus fruticosus and it is from rose family. This plant dates back to prehistoric times and it is believed to grow for the first time in parts of East Asia. Archaeological evidences show that the inhabitants of the caves of Paleolithic ate …