Correct and Complete Shipping Address is a Must.

The shipping address you input when placing an order is extremely important. At the moment, some of the orders are being rejected by the courier company because the receiver’s details (such as address and full name) are not correct or complete.

So, when placing an order, please pay the most attention to the followings to guarantee a smooth delivery:

(1)Recipient NameWrite down full name. (NOT abbreviations)
(2)CountrySelect your country from the list.
(3)AddressEnter “No., St name, and Alley name (if any)”.
Country, city and postal code are mentioned in their related fields. (items 1, 2 and 4)
(4)Postal CodeMake sure your postal code is 100% correct and valid.
(5)CityWrite down the city name.
(6)Phone No./ Mobile No.Enter phone number mentioning the country code (starting with 00, NOT +)
(7)EmailEnter your email address.

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