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Common Name

Lemon Verbena

Scientific Name

Lippia citriodora


The plant of Lemon Verbena with scientific name of Lippia Citriodora from Verbenaceae family is a native plant to Chile, Peru, Argentina.This plant entered in Iran and in some parts of this country cultivated by companies of medicinal plants producer at the first time, due to medicinal properties, perfume and its pleasant flavor. This plant imported by French admiral in Europe about 1767 AD and French botanist, Filbert Commerce called the plant Aloysia Triphylla. This plant was named in honor of Maria Theresia, the king`s wife Charles IV of Spain and queen of Spain. For this reason this plant identifies with named of Yerba Louisa in Spain and with named of Lucia Lima in Portugal. These names were first introduced in the first volume of a botanical book was published in Spanish in 1784.

Health Benefits

1. Improving Muscles and Joints Function

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary published a research in 2011 that showed the effect of Lemon Verbena on joints health. In this study the effect of food supplements like Lemon Verbena was investigated on 45 volunteers for 9 weeks. The researchers found that after three to four weeks it reduces general pain in joints and increases joints moving. These findings indicate the Lemon Verbena plant has powerful antioxidant properties that we can use it as a powerful supplement drug. The other research that was published in practical physiological journal in Europe in 2011 the results of that research showed that the use of Lemon Verbena extract in the people that work for at least 90 minutes in a day for a period of 21 days reduces muscular injuries. The use of this supplement had no effect on their ability and work speed.

2. Calming Anxiety and Stress

In a research was done in 2014 the effect of Lemon Verbena was investigated on oxidative under stress cells. The results showed that the plant can protects cell death in optimal densities (25 and 50 micro molar) of neuron-liked cells. Oxidative stress is the main factor for neuron destruction in many nervous disorders. Oxidative stress is like an injury to DNA, increasing lipid and protein oxidation that are the main factor for neuron destruction disorders. Therefore the use of herbal medicine with antioxidant property for decreasing oxidative stress and as a result decreasing neuron destruction can be one of approaches that treat these nervous disorders. This study provides evidences that are expressive of medicinal property of Lemon Verbena plant on nervous disorders. In other research on laboratory mice it was found that liquid extract of Lemon Verbena has calming effect with mechanism like Benzodiazepines on mice.

3. Anticonvulsant

In a research investigating the anticonvulsant effect of Lemon Verbena extract on mice shows that Lemon Verbena extract has anticonvulsant activity. This activity is due to presence of flavonoids and Alkaloids in it. The extract of this plant enhances inhibition effect of GABA that is probably relates to activate Benzodiazepines receptors. Based on other research findings that were published in International Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2016 Flavonoids delayed convulsion time and reduced its period of time.

4. Regulating Blood Pressure

A research on laboratory mice showed Lemon Verbena extract can help reducing blood pressure depending on dose and as sectional and finally can show effect of this plant on anxiety reducing. The results show that blood pressure regulating property in this plant is due to its flavonoids. The results of this research published in Latin American Journal of Pharmacy.

5. Improving Digestive System Function

The researches show that tea or herbal tea of Lemon Verbena due to having anti-contraction (anti-spasm) property helps to calm the stomach and prevents bloating and indigestion. In a research anti-contraction effects of liquid extract of Lemon Verbena in laboratory mice was investigated , this plant broadly uses for curing digestive disorders and easy digestion of food in south America countries. The property of anti-contraction of Lemon Verbena extract is due to activation of K+ channels. Lemon Verbena extract calms contraction caused by a lot produce of K+. In low densities, the Lemon Verbena extract prevents aerobic metabolism. Vitexin flavonoid is responsible of this property of Lemon Verbena.

6. Anti-Microbial

Researchers in a study considered the antibacterial effect of ethanolic and liquid extracts of Lemon Verbena in 2013. The results of this study were published in Annals of Biological Research journal that indicated this plant has antibacterial property and antibacterial effect of its leaf ethanolic extract against Gram-positive bacteria is more powerful than its effect on Gram-negative bacteria.

Bioactive Compounds

Limonene, Neral, Geranial, Geranyl Acetate, Beta-Caryophyllene, Alpha-Curcomin, Sabinene.

Traditional Use

Lemon Verbena traditionally used to cure indigestion, bloating, dizziness nervous pains and cold symptoms. Leaf and flowered head of this plant are stimulant, anticonvulsant, lowering the degree of heat and fever in different diseases. Its leaf repels stomach ache, palpitations disease, feeling important voices in ear and nervous states and psychological tiredness. Lemon Verbena is in the ranks of the best medicines for stomach strengthening that it is better always use as brew like tea.

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